General Rules

• Adhere to the rules of the College and discharge your responsibilities as a student with diligence, fidelity and honour.
• Do not commit any act of indiscipline in the College.
• Refrain from possessing, consuming or distributing alcohol, harmful drugs, illegal narcotics, pan parags, chewing-gums or cigarettes.
• Do not possess fire crackers of any kind in the College campus.
• Maintain peace in the campus.
• Students should not destroy,damage, deface or remove the College property or disturb orinjure any one under the pretext of celebrating / inducting /pledging or for any other reason like rivalry.
• In case the student comes late he/she should collect the late chit from the Principal to enter the class.
• Be polite and courteous to all.
• Attend classes on all working days including the first day and last day of the semester.
• Absence without prior permission will lead to severe penalty.
• Be punctual and attend classes regularly.
• Obtain a minimum of 60% marks in every test conducted in the class.